Yo! DMTNB! This is an tumblog dedicated to the Kpop guy group, Dalmatian. Debuting in 2010 under IS Entermedia and Monkeyfunch Ent., the group consists of Inati (leader), Jeesu, Youngwon, Daniel, Simon (added in 2012), and Dari (currently in army). Former member: Day Day.

[ Founded August 15, 2010 ]

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aiyanshiii asked:
is daniel leaving DMTN?

There has been no announcements of Daniel leaving DMTN.

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[Daniel’s marijuana scandal] just need to clear this up.

Based on 2works’s announcement, Daniel did NOT smoke marijuana (he went through all the necessary tests and the result was NEGATIVE) and neither did he sell them DIRECTLY. He was, you can say, the middleman in a way, introducing the sellers and buyers so he did NOT touch the drugs in any way at all. (not saying that he should have even been doing that in the first place) So yes, while he is charged with “selling” them, he did not have any contact with the drugs, let alone consume them.

i really need to emphasize this fact because while Daniel is definitely not innocent and did commit the crime, the extent of the crime matters a great deal as well. And also I’m just so sick of seeing the wrong information being thrown around here and elsewhere. Especially on akp. It’s not funny to be joking around and choosing popcorn flavours in the comments section on an article which doesn’t even concern you okay.

Also what I’ve said above has been confirmed by a native Korean translator so PLEASE do not fuel the words of news sites which simply say that Daniel smoked and sold weed because HE DID NOT.

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INATI (이나티) → jang intae (장인태) → leader, rapper → 06 march 1981 → 180cm → 66kg → blood type b → @dalinati

(currently in army) DARI (다리) → lee dari (이다리) → rapper → 04 july 1984 → 176cm → 60kg → blood type ab → @iam2dari

SIMON (사이먼) → park junho (박준호) → rapper, vocals → 29 may 1986 → 178cm → 65kg → blood type a → @SouLoSimoN

YOUNGWON (영원) → lee dongrim (이동림) → vocals → 01 april 1990 → 177cm → 62kg → blood type ab → @Ldonglim

JEESU (지수) → park jeesu (박지수) → main vocals → 28 june 1990 → 180cm → 60kg → blood type b → @Jeeswag

DANIEL (다니엘) → chae daniel (최다니엘) → lead vocals → 21 december 1990 → 177cm → 58kg → blood type a → @DMTNDBOY

(former) DAY DAY (데이 데이) → kim david (김데이빗) → rapper → 20 september 1983 → 170cm → 60kg → blood type b → @daydaydoggydog

schedule f.a.q.

Does the State of Emergency mini album come with a poster?

Does Daniel have a tattoo?
Yes, he has one back tattoo that says "One Love" in Arabic and a leg/ankle tattoo.

for more answered questions, check the ask replies tag --


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